Tabletop Starter’s Kit


Ideal for first time press owners!
7×11 or larger (requires floor model kit +$140)

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Letterpress starter’s kit for tabletop printing press

Background: Letterpress printing has seen an explosion of interest in the last several years and that has spawned a great number of first-time press buyers. There are many letterpress printing presses sold on the internet regularly…the problem is, once you buy one of these presses, how do you know you have everything you need to actually start printing?  The intent of this package is to satisfy that need without you having to scrounge around for all of the items you need to get cranking—and to save you from figuring it out.

Package on offer:

  • Composing Stick
  • Two (2) Wickesham speed quoins
  • One (1) key for the Wickersham quoins
  • One (1) new Gaebel 6″ stainless steel line gauge
  • Three (3) new spring tongue gauge pins for the tympan paper/press
  • Wood furniture and Reglet
  • One new font of type, buyer’s choice:

– 14 Point Caslon Old Style 

– 14 Point 20th Century Medium

– 14 Point Sans Serif Light

– 14 Point Goudy Old Style

Above letterpress type fonts are easy to read and staples in any printshop!  Fonts are new in the package and include uppers, lowers, points, figures and punctuation.  Additional type available for $59.50.

  • A complete array of assorted 12 or 14 point letterpress spacing and quads, thin spacing, leads/slugs (size will match the type chosen).  The variety included is based on the size of your printing press, which we need you to indicate when purchasing this kit.
  • One 1/4 lb. can of ink in your choice of cyan, yellow, magenta, black or opaque mixing white. We  also offer all of these colors in an ink mixing kit (+ $55).  We are selling convenience here–this is not a profit center for us.  Previous/current customers have requested a way to dabble in ink without breaking the bank and this was our solution.  Play with different PMS colors on a pallet before buying in bulk. For reference, similar kits sell online for $200+.  For most letterpress hobbyists, this amount of ink can last for many dozens of jobs (depending on your frequency of printing). 
  • New, heavy duty denim printers apron with pockets for letterpress tools such as line gauges, tools, pencils, etc.
  • A generous supply of tympan paper for your printing press
  • New Nalgene goose-neck plastic clean-up bottle to dispense solvent to clean printing press after job
  • New stainless steel printer’s tweezers for snagging small letterpress type, spacing, etc.
  • New hard maple planer block to level the letterpress type in form

If you a floor model printing press or a proof / poster printing press, you’ll need a different kit and we can help!  See my other kits here:


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