Pressing On: The Letterpress Film Trailer

Daves on League of Moveable Type – Elders Reacting to League of Moveable Type

Dickin’ around with the Daves – Parlor Press

Daves on – Elders Reacting to

Daves on Lost Type Co-op – Elders React to Lost Type Co-op

Dickin’ Around With The Dave’s – Composing Stick


Letterpress Printing Is Making A Comeback In Our Digital Age

Letterpress printing, which uses moveable type, was the everyday printing technique for centuries. And although it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially compared to digital print technologies, it is not only still in use today, it’’s making a comeback. “Pressing On, The Letterpress Film will be a feature-length documentary that explores letterpress printing, and who and what has kept it alive.

In the clip to discuss the film are Pressing On Producer and Co-Director Erin Beckloff, a visiting instructor in graphic design at Miami University’’s College of Creative ArtsAndrew Quinn, co-director; Producer Kevin Grazioli with Bayonet Media; and Dave Churchman, a hobby printer and collector.