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Floor Model Press Kit


Ideal for first time press owners!


Floor Model Press Kit
Size 7 x 11 & Larger
Pearl, C&P, etc.

Floor model/proof press kits include up-sized items and volume as follows:

New Gaebel 12″ stainless line gauge (as opposed to new Gaebel 7″)

Longer and additional volume of furniture, leads and slugs

16 oz solvent bottle (as opposed to 8 oz.)

Three (3) Challenge Hi-Speed quoins–depending on size of press, from 3″ to 7.5″ in most cases–& key (as opposed to the smaller Wickershams)

Large planar block

Longer composing stick (most are 10″ and larger as opposed to 4″ to 8″)

22″ tympan paper (not included/needed in proof press kit)

New Megill heavy duty gauge pins (not included/needed in proof press kit)

Base price for a floor model press is $339.95 + $29.95 S/H for a total of $369.95.

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