**SOLD** Showcard 12 x 18 proof press sign press poster press **SOLD**


Refurbished Showcard 12 x 18 Sign Press, type and drying rack

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**This package has been sold!!!**  

Proof presses are not as common in our inventory as are platens but we do have some from time to time and also have more on the way in.  Please check with Andrew for availability.


We have recently refurbished a Showcard 12 x 18 sign press.  Please see pictures below.  This package includes the restored press, factory drying rack, type holder, 3 fonts of metal factory sign type  (Futura in 36, 48 and 72 point) and two figure fonts of wood type.  A fantastic value for a large format printer wanting to get started right away!!  Note these extras:

  • The very handy ink plate which is removable for easier transport of the press
  • The factory covers for both the press and type rack  
  • We will also include a selection of type bars and magnets if the buyer desires.  This is a factory-designed solution to lockup forms quickly without using quoins and furniture.  Advantages vary…either way, if you want these, we will happily include them. (see factory catalog pics for detailed explanation)

 The restoration included the following:

  • Inspection, replacement of any missing, non-working parts to near or better than new condition (there were none)
  • Certification of machine overall functionality 
  • Oiling, adjustment and final validation of machine

Note that (as always!) this press will include our thorough proof press starter’s kit which you can see below (a $329 value), in addition to the above mentioned extra fonts, type and drying rack. 

Proof Press Kits

Please contact Andrew for questions or more information.



Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 24 in